We specialize in eyebrow shaping. Eye brows frame our eyes and give dimension plus expression to our face. If you are tired of tweezing, waxing and threading, only to get a different result each time, then you should consider electrology. Electrology is the only method of hair removal that is permanent. Electrology is the use of heat through electricity. It is the only permanent hair removal solution. It treats all skin colors and all hair colors and types.

  • 15-60 Minute Treatments Available

    $47 - $107

    15 minute treatment - $47
    30 minute treatment - $67
    45 minute treatment - $87
    60 minute treatment - $107

Laser Hair Removal

Prices and packages available upon consultation. Treats all Skin Colors.

  • Small

    (upper lip or chin or sideburns)

  • Medium

    (underarms or forearms or bikini)

  • Large

    (Brazilian or half leg or full arm)

  • Extra Large

    (full leg or back or chest)

Facial Treatments

  • Dermaplaning


    Dermaplaning is a Manuel exfoliation procedure. It requires the use of a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently shave the skins surface, removing the top layer of dead skin along with fine vellus hair (peach fuzz).

    Dermaplaning triggers the cell rejuvenation process. It helps to improve the appearance of acne scarring and Hyperpigmentation. The effects of the treatment are instant in leaving your skin with a smooth appearance and a radiant glow. Out treatment also includes skin analysis, extraction, a relaxing hand and arm massage and is finished with an Image Skincare bio molecular hydrating mask. This mask contains a fusion of vocative water, ginseng extract, amino acids and antioxidants for the ultimate skin rejuvenation. Your skin is left with a new found radiance!! 

    Introductory price $110.00  

  • the MAX Facial


    Plant stem cells and hydrating mask.

  • Deep Pore Facial


    A thorough cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions, massage and finishing masque leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

  • Laserderm’s Signature Collagen Facial


    This highly customized vitamin infused treatment is for all skin types. This invigorating facial starts with an enhanced exfoliation process and is followed by deep pore extraction, relaxing massage and finished with a collagen masque, delivering ultimate hydration. This treatment will lighten, brighten and tighten your skin leaving your skin fresh and renewed.

    ~ with added Signature Lift ~ $135.
    ~ with added Ormedic Lift ~ $135.
    ~ with added O2 Oxygen Lift ~ $135.

  • Add on Collagen Masque


    For an intensive collagen concentration that provides a protective layer, promotes firmness, elasticity and deeply hydrates.

  • Teen Facial


    A balancing facial specifically designed for changing the skin of adolescence. This deep pore cleansing facial will remove deeply embedded impurities revealing a glowing, clean and healthy skin.

  • Acne Facial


    Extra strength/Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA).

  • Back Facial


    Focus on back and shoulders.

VI Peel

  • Your Peel For Anti-Aging Skin

    The aging process can cause your skin to become lax, pigmented and rough. Sun exposure and environmental assault just adds to the problem. Aging is inevitable but the VI Peel can make a difference in as little as 7 days. Specifically formulated to rejuvenate aging skin and help prevent future damage.

    • Transform Your Skin in as Little as 7 Days
    • Suitable for a variety of skin types
    • Minimal downtime
    • Virtually painless
    • No preparation

Skin Care Treatments

  • Image Peels (Non – Invasive Peels)


    Signature Face Lift ~ $85.
    The ultimate in hydration, this 4 layer treatment will change the look of your skin in one treatment. Uses high doses of Vitamin C for extreme rejuvenation and glycolic acid to speed up cellular turnover to brighten, tighten and lighten your complexion. *non-invasive peel

    Ormedic Lift ~ $85.
    A natural exfoliant of papaya, pineapple, pumpkin and mango infused blend of organic and medically effective ingredients, designed to help restore, rejuvenate, rebalance and soothe tired, stressed and dull looking skin. *non-invasive peel

    O2 Oxygen Lift ~ $85.
    This luxurious treatment infuses oxygen, plant derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. *non-invasive peel

  • Chemical Peels (Available upon consultation)

    $100 - $250

    These 5 peels are recommended in a series of 3 to 6 treatments, with prices ranging from $100 - $150 per treatment.

    Lightening Lift
    Blend of lactic and kojic acid. Great for pigmentation, sun/brown spots and uneven skin tone.

    Wrinkle Lift
    Blend of glycolic and retinol. Great for aging skin.

    Acne Lift
    Blend of salicylic and glycolic acids, great for acne grades 1 and 2.

    Acne Advanced Lift
    Salicylic resurfacing solution, great for acne grades 3 and 4.

    Perfection Lift
    Blend of salicylic acid, resorcinol and lactic acid. Best for moderate sun damage and aging.

Image SkincareOur Skin Care Treatments use
Image Skincare  ~  “Age Later”

Microdermabrasion and Micro-channeling with Dermafrac™

  • Microdermabrasion and Micro-channeling with Dermafrac™

    • Crystal free
    • IInfusion solutions for anti-aging ~ hydration ~ lightening ~ acne
    • Delivers rejuvenating topical serums through thousands of fractional micro-channels with no pain or downtime

    * Microchanneling is $555.00 for a series of three treatments.

    * Microchannels are created while delivering high grade serums to the epidermis

    * The body's natural response to a mild trauma increases collagen and fibroblast activity

    * Delivers rejuvenating topical serums through thousands of fractional micro-channels with no pain or downtime

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting

Now offering eyelash and brow tinting. Accentuate your eyebrow arches and your eyelashes with a quick pick me up. The procedure uses all natural vegetable dye to provide a flattering and polished look. You’ll look younger and save time getting ready in the morning. Ditch the pencil and the mascara. Also the perfect addition to lash extensions, the lash tint coats every baby lash-even those too small for an extension providing a full, lush lash line.

  • Eyelash Tinting


  • Eyebrow Tinting


  • Combo of Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting



  • Lip


  • Brow


  • Chin


  • Sideburns


  • Face


  • Underarms


  • Half Leg, Full Leg

    $50, $70

  • Half Arm, Full Arm

    $40, $50

  • Bikini


  • Brazilian

    $65 + up

  • French


  • Back

    $65 + up

  • Chest

    $65 + up

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    Laserderm Medi-Spa

    Laserderm Medi-Spa is owned and operated by its founder, Donna Bayrouty. Donna has been in the field of skin care and hair removal for over 40 years as a certified registered electrologist, esthetician and laser technician. She is also trained in photopneumatics™.

    Laserderm Medi-Spa offers the most advanced treatments with the most advanced equipment available in the industry. Our staff is fully licensed and they continue to upgrade their education to offer you the latest treatments available.

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